Yoga, Movement
and Well-being

Move, breathe and feel Avec Lou. Let’s use yoga, movement and mindful practices to nurture your physical and mental wellbeing.

Welcome to Avec Lou

Avec Lou inspires people to bring movement, breath and mindfulness into their everyday lives. Welcome to an offering of weekly yoga and movement classes, one-to-one yoga and wellbeing sessions (in person or online), and a teacher wellness programme. All based around the Kent and Medway area. 

Weekly classes in Kent and Medway, including: hatha yoga, relax yoga and energising yoga with movement.

Uniquely designed sessions from the comfort of your own home. Working together to help you set goals and intentions. 

Health and wellbeing sessions for teachers and school staff. Using yoga, movement and mindfulness to improve physical and mental wellbeing. 

How I Can Help You

Avec Lou supports your lifestyle and wellbeing with yoga, movement and mindful practices.


My teachings are all about inspiring healthy habits, looking at life with a positive mindset and establishing a good relationship with both yourself, as well as others. Moving and breathing may seem simple. But it’s often the simple, natural ways of being that make you feel most alive. Avec Lou helps you develop a happier, healthy mind and body by breathing, moving and feeling –  together.  

Looking to improve your fitness, increase flexibility or support minor injuries and conditions like sciatica, lower back pain or stiffness in the body? Work Avec Lou on specific yoga poses, sequences and movement exercises to physically improve every part of your body.

Getting involved in physical activity is one of the most recommended ways to support your mental wellbeing. It relieves feelings of anxiety, boosts low self-esteem and lifts your mood. Practise physical movement alongside breathwork and mindfulness to regulate the nervous system, helping you understand how deeply linked your body is with thoughts and feelings. 

Yoga, movement, mindful and breathing practices can improve how you feel in everyday life. They can help you manage stress from external pressures such as work and home life. As well as aid sleep, increase productivity, create a body positive attitude and empower you to take on the world.

Helping you to become yourself again. Living in this busy world means we all get stuck in autodrive – losing our sense of self and identity to tech and convenience.  Mindful practices like movement and breathwork allow you to take a step back, slow down and understand how to connect the body with the mind. Learn how to just be in the present moment and discover who you truly are.  

Kind words

Being new to Yoga, I found this class very enjoyable. The class was for all level of fitness and experience. Everyone was very friendly and the instructor explained and demonstrated everything in a very calm and professional manner. I was pleased to see that I wasn’t the only male present as I was a little concerned. The class is for everyone and I will certainly continue to attend.
I have been attending the classes since this Summer. I really enjoy the classes. I have been mostly going to the evening classes which have been nor only physically but mentally recharging. I thoroughly enjoy the class where it is, lively peaceful environment and Lou is a great teacher.
R Smith
Starting doing the Friday Yoga & Movement class from a friend's recommendation. and just... Wow what an amazing and unique class nothing else like it around, 100% would recommend it to anybody of any level. 5 stars from me!
Josh G
I have been attending Avec Lou s Wednesday yoga class at eternal lakes nature reserve and i have found them of great benefit, it helps me sleep and most of all helps my back not to be so stiff, thank you
Dee S

LouLou Spearing

I have a passion for Movement/ Yoga and how the way we use our mind and body can change the way we see ourselves, the world around us and the way we live. Hatha yoga – this is most traditional form of yoga, that the western world had labelled. Before it was labelling ‘hatha yoga’ was a way of life.

This lifestyle encourages healthy eating, positive mindset and positive relationship with yourself and others. This is what I want to share with you, how you can achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle through the simple act of breathing, moving, and feeling.