Breathe, Move, Feel.

With Lou.

Avec = with and Lou= me

Avec Lou, means With Lou. I want to provide classes and sessions sharing my passion for movement and yoga. I want to take the stereotype away from yoga with the saying “I’m not flexible enjoy”. Yoga is not just the gymnastic poses you see on Instagram; it is about connecting with your mind through movement (asanas) helping you live a healthier and well-rounded life. You don’t have to be flexible or wear yoga leggings that give you a wedgy all you need is You. Your body. Your mind.

Avec Lou aims to bring the key principles into everyday life through yoga and movement.


Allow time to breathe. We forget how important it is, taking a moment to breathe can slow everything down, give you space to think, and allow time to reset yourself.


To move in your own body. Moving every day is so good for your overall health and well-being. Wakes up your body, brightens your mood, and helps you connect with yourself.


Be present. Allow yourself to acknowledge how you feel physically and emotionally. To be present in a moment brings ease to the action you are taking on, invites you to understand your body, and connects to the mind.

Online Yoga Classes

Bringing a well-rounded yoga practice to your home via Zoom. Suitable for all ages and abilities, Avec Lou classes consist of a variety of postures, breathing, and relaxation exercises to help you move and realign your mind and body. Bringing yoga to you the Avec Lou way!

Wednesday YOGA


per session

Unwind for evening in Avec Lou’s mixed ability Wednesday evening class. Providing a calming environment and class to help the mind and body to relax and destress from the day into the evening.

In the style of Hatha yoga, the class includes a mobilisation, asanas (poses) to improve flexibility and strength and relaxation at the end connecting with breath.

Saturday yoga


per session

Wake up and move with me to start your weekend right! Saturday morning energising yoga focuses on waking up the body & mind, improving strength and moving the body.


The class consists of sun salutations to bring in that Vitamin D, power poses and flow to get your body moving! 

1-2-1 YOGA


per session

Bringing yoga to you, personalized 1-2-1 sessions to meet your specific goals, and provide yoga that works for you and your availability.

Avec Lou yoga sessions are unique to you and will help you find new ways to create a healthier and happier lifestyle.

The Avec Lou way!

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