About Me

Hi, I’m Lou. A qualified yoga and movement instructor with a passion to spread the word about how we can use mindful practices as a gateway to improving our physical and mental wellbeing…

Hi, I’m Lou –  a qualified yoga instructor with a passion for using mindful practices to improve our physical and mental wellbeing. From a young age, I’ve always been a very active soul, jumping at every opportunity to move, climb or dance.

Moving my body has given me a happy, positive outlook on life, a lot of energy and the inspiration to get creative with everything I do. Over the years I have gained a deeper understanding and connection to movement forms through intense training in yoga and contemporary dance. For me, movement means power. Movement is freedom.

Avec Lou simply means… with (avec) Lou (me).

The Avec Lou Way

Introducing three key principles: Breathe, Move, and Feel, allows us to discover a happier, healthier self.



To practice and actively breathe. Alot of us are spending our lives unconsciously breathing, we find ourselves in auto pilot and living in a disconnected way of life. Actively focusing on our breath, can help regulate the nervous system and help reconnect our mind and body. Becoming aware of our breath and using techniques can have profound effects physical and mental well-being. 



Movement is the lubricate to life, without movement we become disconnected from ourselves and the world around us. Practising any form of movement daily is crucial in maintaining a healthy and functioning body and mind. Whether, it’s practsing yoga, dancing, running or going for a walk, movement provides an unlimited amount of physical and mental benefits. 



Give yourself promission to feel. Acknowledging and experiencing the physically and emotionally feelings that you receive on a daily basis, invites you to understand your body, connect to your mind and process what you are experiencing. Developing awareness of your mind and body, opening your senses to your environment and the world around you, allows you to become present, regulates your nervous system and brings a large amount of gratitude into your life. 

Things to do Avec Lou.

Yoga, movement and wellbeing practices, curated to suit you. 

Yoga &
Movement Classes

Weekly classes in Kent and Medway, including: hatha yoga, relax yoga and energising yoga and movement. 

Yoga Session

Uniquely designed sessions from the comfort of your own home. Working together to help you set goals and intentions. 


Health and wellbeing sessions for teachers and school staff. Using yoga, movement and mindfulness to improve physical and mental wellbeing.