The Teacher Sanctuary

Supporting teachers and their wellbeing

A recent study showed that 91% of teachers have said their job has affected their mental health.  Something needs to be done to support the people who support and nurture our children day in, day out. 

Avec Lou’s aims for the teacher’s sanctuary

Avec Lou supports teachers in Kent and Medway with their mental and physical wellbeing through yoga and movement interventions.

Goal 1

Working to bring awareness to the importance of mental health and wellbeing of teachers and staff members.

Goal 2

Educating schools on the physical, psychological and emotional effects of stress and the factors that impact teachers’ mental health.

Goal 3

Providing invaluable, accessible tools and techniques that staff members can use to support their mental health, inside and outside of work. 

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Our teachers’ wellbeing programme sets out to create an awareness of the mental health in teachers and staff members. It’s about educating schools in the behavioural and physical signs that indicate teachers and staff members are experiencing stress and, potentially, mental ill health. The programme highlights the key factors that may impact mental health and provide ways that teachers and staff members can support themselves and each other to create a supportive and positive work environment.

About The Teacher Sanctuary

87% of teachers are experiencing increased anxiousness, loss of sleep and effects on their own relationships. (NASUWT, 2022 – Survey [2022]) 


The programme provides conversations around mental health and shares the signs and symptoms to look out for in those who might be mentally unwell. It uses tools like relaxation techniques such as breath work and yoga meditation to help reduce stress levels. People on the programme will learn how to calm down their nervous system, taking the body out of a sympathetic state (fight or flight mode) and into a parasympathetic, relaxing state (rest and digest mode). The programme also teaches techniques around play and movement to help create  an environment where staff members feel open to share how they feel  in a welcoming, supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Increased workload and high numbers in classrooms, on top of a number of external factors, can often cause school workers to experience stress.  Short term stress can sometimes increase productivity. But unsupported long-term stress causes teachers and staff members to develop mental ill health, leading to issues like anxiety, depression and lack of motivation.  That’s why schools should have the right processes and strategies to help support and reduce the stress of staff members. 

This programme highlights the physical, psychological and emotional signs of an individual suffering from stress and mental ill health. It provides the tools and techniques to help support their mental health – allowing teachers to feel like they can set boundaries and detach from the working school day. It’s all about helping them bring health habits into their everyday lives.


  • A deeper understanding of mental health. 
  • An increase in staff retention and productivity. 
  • A chance to provide a positive work environment. 
  • A key way to instil ideas around teamwork between school workers 
  • A special way to support staff members
  • Introduces healthy behaviours to staff,  providing a good example to students


  • Understand mental health on a deeper level
  • Learn how to de-stress and reduce anxiety 
  • Manage stress and external pressures 
  • Tools to detach from the school day & set boundaries
  • Boost energy and mood 
  • Feel part of a team 
  • An improved mental and physical health


  • The programme can be delivered to suit your school and staff members. Here are some examples of how the programme could be delivered: 

    A half-day session2 -3hrs

    Taking place on a teacher training or inset day. This will be an immersive experience for staff members, with interactive exercises and tasks around mental health.   

    A single session –  1 – 1.5hrs

    Taking place on a teacher training day or after school. This could be provided as weekly / monthly / or one-off sessions to continually support staff members with regular conversations around mental health and tools to use. 

    Find out what else is included by downloading the brochure.