One-to-One sessions

The Avec Lou Way

Bringing uniquely designed yoga, movement and wellbeing sessions to the comfort of your own home. Work Avec Lou to develop a session plan especially for your personal goals, intentions and needs. 


Work dynamically Avec Lou on a one-to-one basis as all elements of your lifestyle are considered to create bespoke sessions that align with your needs. You’ll be given an array of positive tools and techniques, alongside healthy habits, to practice daily.

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About One-to-One

What does one-to-one include?

  • Yoga poses and sequences
  • Mindful movement 
  • Functional movement 
  • Breathwork 
  • Meditation / relaxation 
  • Techniques to promote mindfulness
  • Introducing healthy habits

Welcome to an open, multi-dimensional approach to one-to-one work.. Each session offers a safe, comfortable space for you to explore new ways of moving as you develop a deeper awareness of your body.

  • All sessions are personalised uniquely to you
  • No travel time. Avec Lou brings the sessions to you 
  • Flexible booking hours (Monday – Sunday) 
  • Regular, reliable yoga, movement and breathwork sessions, keeping you on track


One-to-ones look into all aspects of your lifestyle, helping you best define and strive for your own personal goals or intentions. Yoga poses, sequences, movement and  mindful exercises are tailored for each session to support you in the best way possible. Some people may have more physical goals to improve fitness, strength, mobility or manage minor pain or injuries. Others may want to improve their mental wellbeing, so the sessions will aim to reduce feelings of anxiety, improve mindset and mood, or boost energy levels. For most, it will be a mix of both. We’ll start with a free consultation to find out more about what you need.


Pay as you go = £35

4 sessions =   £130 (£32.50 per session)

8 sessions =   £260 (£30 per session)

12 sessions = £330 (£27.50 per session)